Visibility gaps in supply chain bridged

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Savi Technology, Matrics and the MIT Auto-ID Centre have teamed up to offer an integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) solution that simultaneously monitors the conveyances that transport products.

Called “nested visibility”, the solution is designed to bridge visibility gaps in the supply chain through the use of passive RFID labels that track items and active RFID tags with longer read ranges that can track conveyances ranging from pallets and cargo containers to trailers and rail cars.

The development means items can be tracked while shipped inside metal containers. Also, specific items missing from containers can be identified at the same time that security breaches of the container itself occur.

Blair LaCorte, executive vice-president at Savi Technology, says the company’s collaboration with Matrics will “help lead to more widespread understanding and adoption of real-time solutions” for multiple participants and uses in the global supply chain.

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