Technology Enabled Innovation sponsored by PRTM: Babcock – Networks Division

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Also, a great number of entries involve the clever use of technology and there are wider, more strategic supply chain innovations that deserve recognition too. So the judges decided to split the Innovation category this year into two Awards: Technology Enabled Innovation and Supply Chain Innovation.
From the many shortlisted entries, three stood out. First Ondemand & Netdespatch has developed a clever method of reducing fraud by creating an encrypted code to authenticate proof of delivery, requiring the recipient to provide a PIN number.
Cadbury has worked closely with a loading-dock equipment manufacturer to devise a more secure way of positioning and locking a lorry in place for loading and unloading operations. Cadbury has made a significant investment in a system that integrates several aspects of the operation to ensure a safer working environment and has offered the technology for wider use. The company invested in a sophisticated solution that has the potential to improve safety for the whole industry. And for this reason the judges “Highly Commend” Cadbury.
However, it was the entry from Babcock – Networks Division that impressed the judges the most. The company has developed a truly innovative technological tool for predicting maintenance requirements for electric pylons. The biggest problem is rust, but corrosion rates are affected by various changeable conditions – in particular, weather. So the company developed a predictive tool that takes all the variables into account and allows them to schedule maintenance for when they predict a particular pylon requires it. Over £1 billion of costs have been saved.
“This is a very significant IT innovation that is changing the way the company is operating its supply chain,” say the judges.

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