Consolidation in plastic returnable packaging

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Swedish company Arca Systems and Dutch group Schoeller Wavin Systems have merged, creating one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plastic returnable packaging for material handlings.

Arca specialises in plastic returnable packaging used in a variety of industries, while Schoeller’s expertise covers the European crate and tray market for the beverage industry and pooling companies.

The new group, called Schoeller Arca Systems (SAS) and based in the Netherlands, has a turnover of Euro 520M (£357M) as well as 30 production and sales operations in Europe and on the American continent. Schoeller Wavin’s chief executive officer (CEO), René Wolfkamp, is the CEO at SAS while Arca’s CEO, Wiking Henricsson, is vice chairman.

Wolfkamp says: “The global market for returnable plastic containers grows by 4-6% per annum due to the huge advantages over traditional materials like wood, steel and cardboard. Through our creativity and innovation in the development of cost saving solutions, we will surely be able to capitalise on various market opportunities.”

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