HouseMate keeps time

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The Cold Storage and Distribution Federation CSDF) is heavily promoting its HoursMate system in preparation of the Working Time Directive’s (WTD) Road Transport Directive (Sectoral Directive) coming into force on March 23, 2005. HoursMate is a cost-effective system designed to manage drivers’ working hours efficiently and ensure that companies do not breach the working time regulations.

HoursMate entails a company spending £1 a week on each of its driver’s Road Transport Directive (RTD) information, such as hours worked daily and any infringements. The system then collates and analyses the working time records, and stores them for as long as a company requires.

Working times can be logged in various ways – mobile workers can use their mobile phones, office-based staff can use a Touch Screen on entering their work premises and all employees can access the system via the Internet. Each employee tells the system when they start and finish work, take a break or are available. The HoursMate software logs the times, calculates the total working time and highlights any infringements in real time.

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