Keeping a lid on security!

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Cert Logistics, which specialises in the bonded warehousing and distribution of fine wines and spirits, has opted to use the Loadhog Lid packaging system to ensure the safe handling and transport of returns throughout its network. With a single bottle of champagne costing as much as £8,000, safety and security are key issues for Cert and its portfolio of blue chip clients.

n Laurence Abel, Cert’s commerical director, explains: “Some of the products we store and distribute are very expensive, and we have had problems when customers have, for whatever reason, decided to return all or part of a consignment. People can tend to pay lip-service to returns. If there only a few bottles or a couple of cases it is difficult to ensure they are loaded and transported without damage in a full trailer which can carry 26 pallets of stock. There is also the chance of tampering and theft.”

n Loadhog is a robust plastic lid which secures loads to any wooden or plastic pallet eliminating the need for disposable strapping and shrink wrap, and so reducing the associated costs for material, disposal and product damage. The engineered design provides much greater load security during both stacking and transport, and is both safer and easier to use than conventional wrapping and strapping systems.

It has an anti-skid surface and incorporates RFID for maintenance and tracking with options of own branding, label holders and tamper proof

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