Keeping tabs on stock

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A versatile electronic tracking system that can monitor the real-time location of valuable stock items has been developed by pH Europe. Called Finder, the new technology provides real-time continuous stock management and makes manual stock checking a thing of the past.

Finder is aimed at companies wanting to keep track of operationally important stock and valuable assets, and to have greater control over their inventory management operations.

The system uses microchip identification tags that can be placed within packaging or attached to stock to trace their location and movement. The tags maintain constant contact with long range radio receivers so that their exact location can be pinpointed 24 hours a day. The fully automatic system needs no operator involvement.

The technology can monitor thousands of tags at any one time, making it an economic and reliable system with a range of uses. The information from the ID tags is displayed instantly, establishing the location of each one to within1sq m, from up to 1,000m away.

The system can also be linked to global positioning systems.

Finder is distinctive because businesses do not need to lift a finger to track their stock, nor do they need to touch or move

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