Strapping and wrapping without conveyor

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A new machine which allows customers to strap and stretch-wrap palletised loads in one integrated unit without the need to install driven conveyor line is available from Cyklop UK. The company has developed the TwinPack, a compact and cost-effective unit which allows both strapping and stretch-wrapping operations to take place using the wrappers turntable for both packing operations.

The TwinPack combines the attributes of the acclaimed Cyklop XP112MVB vertical strapping machine and the GL215 stretch-wrapping machine to offer the ultimate solution in load securement for a wide variety of applications.

Palletised goods are loaded via a ramp or forktruck onto the 60mm high turntable. The positioning of the load ensures the strapping lance has clear entry through the pallet void. Once the pallet is placed on the turntable, the operator can select whether strapping or stretch-wrapping will take place first.

The TwinPack can accommodate loads weighing up to 1,500 kg and measuring up to 1,200 x 1,100 x 2,200mm. Turntable speed is variable up to a maximum of 12 rpm.

For further information, tel: 01480 216777.

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