IT Update (2)

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RedPrairie, a global leader in supply chain technology solutions, has developed the DLx MRM, a web-based solution for tracking and managing mobile assets. The solution enables companies to more effectively track assets, increasing asset use, reducing loss and improving overall supply chain efficiency. DLx MRM supports the identification and monitoring of mobile resources and their status, using barcode, RFID and other advanced sensory devices, to provide real-time visibility on asset location, status and other key indicators. The solution enables fleets of returnable pallets and containers, equipment, trailers and other high-value assets to be more effectively managed and controlled, reducing loss and investment in replacements.

To help companies and their suppliers rapidly achieve real-time system integration, Oracle has introduced the Oracle Supplier Network (OSN), an Internet-based service enabling customers to dramatically simplify electronic message exchange with suppliers and streamline procurement transactions. OSN customers will benefit from rapid on-boarding, a single connection point to a community of suppliers, and the flexibility to automate much of the routine paperwork associated with procure-to-pay business processes. Already in use by selected customers, OSN eliminates the cost of maintaining expensive point-to-point connections between customers and their suppliers.

VF Corporation, a branded apparel supplier, has selected i2 Technologies’ i2 Master Data Management (MDM) to create a common view of enterprise systems across its global business. i2 MDM is designed to facilitate data management, data synchronisation and data quality measurement across an enterprise. i2 MDM can work together with a customer’s existing infrastructure investments to synchronise data within various point systems as well as author product data and manage data quality across all systems.

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