Cargoscanner measures up to the job

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When Computer 2000 moved to a new custom-built warehouse, the introduction of an upgraded warehouse management system (WMS) posed a massive measuring problem for the computer equipment distributor. In order for the new system to work, it needed to input the dimensions of some 6,000 product packages – not a task which could easily be undertaken manually.

As part of the operation, Computer 2000 has upgraded its Dispatcher-CS warehouse management system, integrating a conveyor system. Ralph Clayton, general manager, logistics value added, explains: “As part of our order picking process, we were looking at a ‘pre-cubing’ process. Products are picked from the warehouse into plastic totes on the conveyor system to be transported to a packing station where they are put into outer boxes ready for transport. The system works out the optimal way to put products into the tote and for that to work we have to capture the dimensions of all the products going through the system.”

For such an operation, it is vital to be able to capture the dimensional data quickly and accurately – manual measurements would be time-consuming, inaccurate and unreliable.

Mettler Toledo‘s Cargoscanner CS5120 system was the proposed solution, based on the experiences of other Tech Data companies across Europe and on the recommendation of Computer 2000’s carrier, TNT. Clayton says: “TNT was one of the first users of the Cargoscanner in this country and looking at what we wanted to achieve, they said that it was exactly what we needed. We did look at other products, taking the Cargoscanner as the benchmark, and it did, indeed, prove to be the ideal solution.

The Cargoscanner, with specifically configured GRSii software, was installed in the new 35,000sq m warehouse. Its first task has been to capture the dimensions of all of the stock products, estimated at 6,000 ‘live’ products at any one time, but in reality, because of the fast turnaround of products in this market, is more like 9,000 to 10,000. As the system goes live the scanner’s task will be ongoing.

The CS5120 is specifically designed for dimensioning in warehouses and depots. With its patented PILAR (parallel infrared laser rangefinder) technology it scans more than 100,000 measuring points in seconds. It is capable of measuring almost any object, not just cubical boxes, by providing the dimensions of the

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