Anti-slip plastic pallet offers hygienic qualities

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Allibert Buckhorn expects its new pallet, moulded from an innovative anti-slip plastic compound, to offer many industries the option of using a safe, robust and hygienic plastic pallet for the first time.

Called Alligrip Maestro, the pallet is created using a specially developed plastic compound and new manufacturing technology that means the anti-slip quality is inherent within the entire pallet deck and runners and not a coating. While completely smooth, trials have shown that it provides equivalent grip when stacked with plastic containers as a wooden pallet with cardboard boxes.

The Alligrip Maestro features rounded corners for secure stretch wrapping of loads, anchoring points on the underside of the deck secure pallet cover straps and bevelled runners allow easy access for pallet truck rollers. Tamper-proof RFID tags can be incorporated into the feet for lifetime tracking.

The Alligrip Maestro is available in 1,200mm x 1,000mm and 12,000 x 800mm formats and with a choice of three runners or perimeter runners.

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