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It’s hard to imagine, but this is the 10th year of The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards. Many hundreds of companies have entered these Awards over the past decade, a large number of which have been major international enterprises and highly recognised brand names. But, significantly, this is a competition open to large, medium and small companies alike, for what we are searching for is excellence in the way business processes are employed and managed within an enterprise and across its supply base.

There have been many stunning examples of best practice and highly innovative approaches to what might appear as every-day problems and processes. These exemplary cases show the way for a broader understanding of best practice in a business discipline that is only now attaining it’s rightful place in boardroom discussions.

Past winners have all demonstrated elements of best practice, with the overall winner in every year showing just what excellence in supply chain is all about. With past overall winners, such as Cisco Systems, Dell, Rexam Beverage Can Europe, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi-Cola, Jungheinrich, Modo Paper and Ciba Vision, it’s easy to see why so many companies want to benchmark themselves against these leading enterprises through The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

These Awards have a reputation of being difficult to win – perhaps, that’s why they are recognised as being the foremost Awards in supply chain management. But taking up the challenge of entering is a worthwhile exercise, a journey of discovery, which through the unique benchmarking process gives a valuable insight into the workings of your supply chain and how it performs against best practice. Ensuring first class benchmarking is a key aim of these Awards.

It’s for this reason that I am delighted to announce that Logistics Europe will be working in partnership with PRTM in this 10th anniversary year, a world leading management consultancy that has been at the forefront of supply chain benchmarking for many years. Known for their work on developing the Supply Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR), PRTM will bring the additional benefit to entrants of a wider benchmark analysis.

The Awards questionnaire will go online at the end of March.

Nick Allen, Editor

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