Reduced handling improves efficiency

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Coors Brewers, of Burton-Upon-Trent, is using Joloda’s Hydraroll Slip Chain System for unloading and transferring pallets of empty cans. The system was introduced to enhance efficiency, resulting in the reduction of the need for handling.

With brands such as Carling, Grolsch, Worthington’s, Caffrey’s and Reef, Coors sells more than seven million barrels of beer a year to leading pub chains and retail outlets throughout the UK.

The Joloda Hydraroll Slip Chain system maximises load types and reduces the amount of handling previously required from a forklift truck and operator and, according to Coors packaging technical manager Martin Cumpstone, has been “extremely reliable”.

The system incorporates pneumatically activated rise and fall chain and roller track giving high speed accumulation and loading of full pallet loads for factory to warehouse short shuttle operations, which are less than 50km. Its integral powered loading dock/trailer combination allows freedom and flexibility to load and unload a wide variety of palletised goods in a speedy efficient manner with the minimum vehicle ‘down time’.

Coors has tailored the Skip Chain system to unload pallets from a live bed lorry and transport them directly onto a conveyor system that feeds the can depalletiser. The system is also used to load dunnage onto a live bed lorry and return to the supplier.

Cumpstone says: “The Joloda Slip Chain System reduces the amount of handling via a forklift truck, therefore, reducing the possibility of damage and waste of materials.”

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