Quicker delivery with reduced costs

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Bavaria Holland Beer (BHB) has awarded an intermodal deal to P&O Ferrymasters. The contract involves Ferrymasters transporting about 1,000 loads annually from BHB’s main brewery in the Netherlands to its major distribution centre in Milan, Italy.

Ferrymasters will collect canned and bottled beer from BHB, which produces lager, dark ale, malt and special brews, and transport them to Milan via the Rotterdam railhead.

Rien Coolen, purchase director at BHB, says: “Transporting goods between Holland and Italy via rail, not only assists us in terms of reduced transportation cost, but speed of delivery and in particular delivery reliability – there are less likely to be hold-ups en route – are significant benefits.”

lEastman Kodak, a premier brand in traditional and digital imaging, has issued P&O Ferrymasters with its Certified Supplier award for quality. Ferrymasters, which is just one 60 out of 60,000 global suppliers to receive the award, has worked with Kodak for eight years providing European distribution of products such as photographic film, processing chemicals and printing paper.

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