Making stock replenishment easier

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As supplier to more than 500 dealers throughout the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands, the Nissan/Renault Parts distribution centre at Magna Park in Leicestershire is one of the largest and most active installations of its kind. The wide range of floor marking, labelling and signage requirements that this calls for are now being fully met specialist supplier ASG Services. The company has worked with Nissan/Renault to supply products and services both for the existing warehouse and for a recently opened extension, specifically for the storage of the Renault parts range.

The 37,200sq m warehouse stores a wide range of components – from bulbs to body parts – for the two manufacturers including Nissan’s range of forklift trucks. Fulfilling both replenishment order and emergency distribution requirements calls for a highly efficient stock holding and product location capability. In turn, this has meant a combination of shelving at ground level and on four mezzanine floors as well as a racking facility dedicated to palletised and boxed larger parts storage.

ASG’s identification systems are now much in evidence, with its floor marking system also used to define a walk-way throughout the premises. ASG has supplied and installed a variety of its products in key locations.

The stock control and management capability at the site interfaces directly with ASG’s barcoded racking and shelving labels. With all locations throughout the premises requiring specific identification, the quality and durability of ASG’s labels service is as crucial as is the company’s ability to react to ad-hoc requirements as they occur.

Apart from labelling on the racking, shelving and tote bins, each floor of the mezzanine structure – split equally between the Nissan and Renault components – features an innovative labelling system. This not only accommodates the barcoding but also provides a rapid, visual identification of available or empty bay locations.

Kate Price, parts operation team leader, explains: “ASG Services’ solution to this specific requirement has been to supply a plastic, self-adhesive sleeve for each location. These hold 145,000 individual identification labels provided by the company. Apart from the sequential numbering system, which interfaces directly with stock management procedures to identify empty or unused locations, a simple turn of the numbered card also reveals a red reverse side, so staff can immediately recognise areas where replenishment is required or available space exists.”

ASG has helped maintain optimum stocking levels in a key area of the facility. A similar numeric aid to product location is achieved on the warehouse floor with durable, self-adhesive labels from ASG used extensively to define locations for mobile cages – each containing specific parts.

The warehouse floor features a 1.2m wide pedestrian walk-way that runs throughout the premises. Laid by ASG in a green colour, to distinguish it from the yellow product location and marshalling areas, it comprises a high build, two part, epoxy system.

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