Magnum reduces costs and improves efficiency

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Video Networks is using Arca Systems’ Magnum boxes as the ideal transportation container for the electronic components and cables used by its engineers.

The containers were the natural choice for the company, a leading provider of entertainment through its interactive TV, video-on-demand and broadband services, marketed under the brand name HomeChoice, as they have enabled it to reduce costs and improve efficiencies by changing the way it works.

Mark Essl, logistics manager at Video Networks, explains: “A lot of time and resources were being wasted in transit and the picking process. Arca Systems’ boxes mean that we can now equip each of our engineers with a complete week’s supply of products, so repeat visits to the warehouse are avoided and our picking system is more productive.”

Made of 100% polypropylene, the 800mm x 600mm MAGNUM containers are “exceptionally strong”, weigh more than 18kg each and are easy to manoeuvre into the engineer’s van – each has a full four-way entry pallet base for fork-lift access.

To make picking easier, the containers feature integral label holders on all four sides allowing each box to be barcoded with the identity of each individual engineer.

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