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LXE has introduced two new rugged vehicle-mounted computers – the half-screen VX6 and the full-screen VX7 (pictured). Both units are based on the Intel XScale processor and on the Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system. The VX6 and VX7 enables customers to easily run CE .NET applications on both their hand-held and vehicle-mount computers, greatly reducing user training and support costs.

The CE .NET architecture also provides a greater return on investment by enabling customers to easily adopt future emerging technologies and applications.

The VX6 and VX7 also support LXE’s RFTerm multi-session terminal emulator, so customers can easily and cost-effectively run legacy terminal emulation applications (ANSI VT220, TN3270, TN5250). When the time is right to migrate an application to a Windows GUI or browser-based design, there is no new hardware to buy. Operations and maintenance managers will find the light, lower profile, half-screen VX6, with its integrated keyboard, easier to mount onto their forklift trucks.

Forklift truck drivers will find the VX6 is simple to use with the keyboard and screen being in such close proximity. The full-screen VX7 is perfect for more robust CE .NET applications that require a full-screen.

Both units are fully heated and support 100% condensing humidity, making them ideal for freezer/cold weather applications. Both units also have high visibility, indoor/outdoor colour displays that are easy to read in any lighting condition.

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