Space efficient container available

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Uni-Pak from Kaysersberg Plastics is setting the standard for three-piece, sleeve-pack containers in a host of manufacturing industries such as automotive, engineering and plastic components having introduced the Uni-Pak.

Claimed to be one of the most space efficient unit load containers available, the Uni-Pak comprises a lightweight, durable, thermoformed base and lid combined with a thin sleeve, manufactured from plastic, fibreboard or plywood depending on the stacking requirements and the intended use conditions.

The sleeve is tailored in height to the goods it will contain, optimising the use of storage and transport volume. It is available in a variety of configurations – single piece or two-piece – with folding door flaps for improved accessibility and comes in six base dimensions from 800mm x 600mm to 1,600mm x 1,200mm. Uni-Pak is self-stacking, has inbuilt, base and lid locking features for stability and packs flat for economic returns.

Kaysersber says that with a carrying capacity of up to 500kg and long life expectancy, Uni-Pak plays a vital role in achieving a ‘packaging waste free’ environment.

For further information, tel: 01452 316500.

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