Data collection made simpler

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Datalogic has a new addition to its range of hand-held terminals. Called Formula Color, the mobile computer features a colour display as well as an intuitive user interface for professional (Wi-Fi) data collection in retail and manufacturing environments.

Due to its ergonomic design, ease of use and intuitive interface the Formula Color enables easier data collection operations in warehouse management systems (WMS) and in-store applications, such as goods shipping/receiving, inventory, picking, shelf replenishment and shelf price verification.

With an integrated Wi-Fi card for wireless standard IEEE802.11B, the Formula Color accesses any Wi-Fi compliant WLAN infrastructure in real time, as well as having the following features:-

Support of both VT100/200 and IBM5250 standards, enabling the Formula Color to be immediately online with any WMS.

A large, graphic colour display, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use to help operators work better.

A practical 30-key keypad that provides users with a familiar interface to enter data, codes and descriptions, because it is similar to that of mobile phones.

Suitability for harsh environments, with resistance to multiple drops from 1.5m onto concrete surfaces and complete protection from dust and water (IP64).

For further information tel: 01582 464900.

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