30pc managers lack integrated systems

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Almost a third of managers complain of a lack of integration between internal systems; around a fifth complain of poor integration and communication with suppliers and with distribution partners, according to a survey by carried out by Redshift Research for Access Group.

The survey, entitled “ERP for the Finance Function 2014” found that 40 per cent of the finance professionals said their firms relied almost exclusively on manual or spreadsheet methods to keep track of the business, so the integration potential of their functional systems is clearly compromised. Some 30 per cent complain of a lack of integration between internal systems.

These issues are explored in a new white paper published by Access, entitled: “Mind the Gap – Connecting your Supply Chain”, which examines the challenges for business intelligence and financial systems. It found that one in five finance managers experience problems with: holding more stock than necessary; wastage and returns; lack of visibility of true costs; and lack of understanding of distribution costs.

Ian Roper, divisional director for supply chain solutions, at Access Group, said: “Supply chains comprise many elements, which need their own specialist management systems. These need to report the ‘big picture’ but they need also to be constantly and frequently connecting to each other. A loosely connected supply chain will act like an old-fashioned loose-coupled freight train under the duress of any changes in its momentum.”

“The right technology will give you a modern, connected supply chain, which – like a modern train – can apply and release the brakes, instantaneously and simultaneously along its length, on instruction from the driver or an external signalling and control system and the ‘intelligence’ on each vehicle can adjust the brake effort to suit the weight of the wagon, the conditions of the track, any wheel slip or slide or impediment to its momentum.”

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