Automation for packaging items of varying sizes

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Angus & Wright, which supplies automated packaging machinery, has launched two new machines to cater for small and long items to give packers the option of automating what until now has been an expensive manual operation.

With the introduction of the 4500 and 800 ranges, the company has opened up the possibility of automation for companies needing to pack items of varying sizes, or where the item’s length would normally make automation impossible.

The 4500 range is aimed at smaller items which can be packaged in pouches up to 51cm deep in widths of either 15cm or 30cm, with the machine sensing and adjusting automatically to different lengths. A touch screen enables easy set-up and configuration. Optional features include labelling, dual exit conveyors and a reject station for mislabelled or unreadable barcodes.

The 800 range caters for long objects up to 6m and a maximum width of 38cms. It can handle 40 units per minute at the shorter end of the scale and 20 items a minute for more lengthy items. As objects are fed in, V-shaped guides compress the packaging around the item to form a completely sealed protective pack ready for labelling and shipping.

For further information, tel: 01264 737533.

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