Stacker ideal for two-level work

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Atlet has rolled out its new generation powered pallet trucks with the launch of the high performance Doppio PSD transporter-stacker. Based on Atlet’s all-new P-series chassis, the Doppio stacks up to 2.49m and because of its straddle lift it can handle two pallets at once, making it ideal for two-level loading/unloading in warehouses and freight terminals.

The new truck features a tiller steer-arm which incorporates a computer giving PIN access and enabling the machine’s driving characteristics to be programmed. The Doppio’s capacities are 1,250kg on the forks and 1,600kg on the straddles.

It is designed for loading and unloading lorries and for medium- to long-distance transport within warehouses and factories.

A patented five-wheel linkage system, Friction Force, exerts increased pressure on the spring-loaded drive wheel and ensures that all wheels are in constant contact with the ground to ensure “excellent traction”, particularly on slopes, dock levellers and uneven surfaces.

For further information, tel: 01844 215501.

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