Closing the implementation gap

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It’s all too easy to talk about supply chain strategies – but at the end of the day that strategy has to be put into practice. And all too often that is where organisations run into problems.

So, some recent work from Cranfield University and Solving Efeso is particularly welcome in addressing this so-called “implementation gap”. The study focuses on “Supply chain strategy in the boardroom and the authors, Professors Alan Waller and Richard Wilding, point out that: “These problems seem to have become ever more acute as supply chains have become longer and more complex.”

The study came up with ten key findings ranging from the comforting fact that supply chain is recognised as an important part of the business, through to identifying some of the major barriers to success – company culture, lack of leadership and poor supply chain visibility.

“Barriers are predominantly people-related, rather than technical,” it found.

Professor Richard Wilding has started a discussion on the issue at Supply Chain Standard’s Linked In group. If you would like to contribute simply follow this link

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