Order picking within five minutes

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Xerox has awarded TNT Logistics UK a three-year contract to manage the company’s critical spare parts operation. The contract involves the management of the London central parts warehouse and delivery to Xerox engineers – typically within 40 minutes in central London. TNT Logistics is also responsible for the delivery to engineers of spare parts located in 30 strategic stores nationwide.

The two companies have worked together for nine years, with TNT Logistics undertaking storage, distribution and installation of copiers, printers and a wide range of other office equipment.

Under the new contract, engineers servicing or repairing Xerox equipment with parts from either the London warehouse or a strategic store will have their order processed by TNT staff. The part is picked within five minutes and then delivered to the engineer on-site by couriers on cycles, motorbikes or small vans. More than 250 calls a day are received, Monday to Friday, with 24-hour, 364-day coverage for some deliveries.

The operation, which includes the option of automatic signature capture at point of delivery in London, gives Xerox Web-based access to real-time information about the delivery of spare parts for the first time.

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