Winning ways

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The past year has seen rapid change in company supply chains. A year ago, the recession meant that organisations were having to deal with suppliers going out of business.

Now, of course, the risks are more often associated with moving back into growth. In the face of all these challenges, it’s not surprising that supply chain strategies are becoming ever more focused on collaboration, planning and agility.

Nowhere were these qualities more evident than among the entries for The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards this year.

The entries for the awards were outstanding and one of the best things about being a judge is hearing the details at first hand.

It’s impossible to be left unimpressed by the ingenuity, hard work and sheer dogged determination behind so many of the supply chain developments entered for the awards.

The judges look for the overall impact on the supply chain of any particular project or development. And sometimes, entries didn’t go all the way simply because it was too soon to quantify the results.

For some, at least, the extra maturity of another year could make all the difference.

I would like to congratulate all the winners – particularly, of course Primark, the overall winner.

And I also want to thank all the companies that entered – it’s been a real privilege for me to have the opportunity to find out about their supply chains.

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