Flexibility key to next-day deliveries

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Express parcels company Amtrak has won a £3.5M contract with Systemax, one of Europe’s largest computer supplies companies. Amtrak is providing next-day deliveries nationwide for orders received through Systemax trading companies; Misco, Simply Computers, Systemax PCs and Global Industrial Equipment.

Thousands of consignments are collected nightly from the Systemax distribution centre in Scotland. Systemax selected Amtrak because of its flexible and responsive network that includes evening deliveries which are useful for home deliveries. With Amtrak, Systemax can enter its last orders as late as 6pm for collection from Scotland and delivery as early as 9am nationwide.

Systemax is best known in the UK through its trading brands, Misco in the business-to-business market. More than 20,000 products are available for immediate shipment from the Systemax distribution centre at Greenock, including ready-to-ship and customer configured Systemax own brand PCs, laptops and servers.

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