Leakages halved by using plastic containers

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Transporting perishable goods can be a tricky business and recent problems faced by Nene Valley Foods resulted in lost profits, as well as spilt milk! But the company has solved the problem by using ArcaSystem’s Combo plastic reusable IBC.

Nene Valley Foods is one of the largest producers of dairy products such as milk, cream, yoghurt and fromage frais for supplying in bulk to major branded and own-label food manufacturers. It transports its products over large distances throughout the country.

Traditionally, metal ‘bag in box’ containers with water-tight lining were rented for this purpose. However, as well as being susceptible to rust, the ridged nature of the structure meant that they were prone to sharp edges forming if accidentally knocked, often resulting in the plastic liner puncturing and leakage of the contents.

With each container holding one tonne, Nene Valley was losing significant sums of money each week. But Arca’s Combo plastic reusable IBC is changing all that as the container’s plastic construction means that any impact experienced is absorbed and the contents protected. Since October, when Nene Valley Foods purchased its first Combos, the incidents of leakage have reduced by 50%.

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