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As always, examples of excellence abound in the retail sector, the result of the importance a well run supply chain plays in the commercial performance of a retail operation. The judges were particularly taken with World Duty Free (WDF) in partnership with Luxottica, Unilever and Asda working in partnership, and Primark.

WDF has 90 stores in airports across the UK and is the main retail presence at Eurotunnel. The judges thought it had created a truly collaborative partnership with a key supplier, Luxottica.

For Unilever and Asda’s approach to improving on-shelf availability the remarkable point noted by the judges was the dedication Unilever showed to driving improvement by providing ten coaches – experts in the application of continuous improvement – for working within Asda’s business. Working together with Asda’s Process Improvement Team, full time over a two-year period, the collaboration produced significant results – a step change improvement in product availability. This was an impressive project – particularly as the supplier was the one pushing it – and the results were excellent.

It was Primark that came out top on the scores. Gordon Colborn, chairman of the judging panel says: “Primark simply have a stunning supply chain – Primark are now setting the standards in the sector and are out to ‘out Wal-mart’ Wal-mart in the supply chain. Primark are the fastest growing fast-fashion retailer in Europe and supply chain is a fundamental part of that growth. But, remarkably, the company runs a £2bn supply chain with just eight people. Their turnaround times are quite incredible – their supply chain is set up in such a way that products on the catwalk for London Fashion Week today will be in the store the following week.”

Primark’s supply chain has supported the growth of the business by successfully delivering 42 per cent more volume over the past three years. The winner of the Retail category was clearly Primark.


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Unilever and Asda working in partnership
WDF in partnership with Luxottica

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