Latest three-wheelers offer productivity benefits

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Hyster’s new range of electric three-wheel, front-wheel drive trucks – the J1.60-2.00XMT ACX series – combines the latest AC and CANbus technologies with cutting-edge ergonomics. The new truck comes with 1,000-hour service intervals on most major components, and can deliver such superior performance in different applications because it provides users with a choice of an AC Extended Shift Life option or an AC Extra Performance option, both of which are supported by a wide variety of wheelbase and battery configurations for each model.

Also, the availability of the Hyster-pioneered battery side-extraction option enables users to enjoy the productivity advantage of battery change with minimal interruption to work flow. The series also boasts proportional traction control which allows tight cornering without loss of power, thus providing outstanding manoeuvrability and smooth operation.

These new Hyster ACX trucks allow operators to select their preferred driving position due to the tilt steering column and full suspension seat with its wide range of adjustment features. The new E-Hydraulic armrest with integral adjustment and mini-levers also offers the latest in fingertip precision control.

According to Hyster, the AC brushless drive motors, CANbus truck electronic communication system, and low maintenance wet brakes all represent the latest technology employed to enhance truck reliability.

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