RFID reader “ideal” for handheld devices

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The world’s smallest and lowest-cost 13.56MHz RFID reader has been developed by Innovision Research & Technology, the RFID specialist. The RFID reader module, known as io(TM), is expected to have a unit cost one-tenth of existing readers and will extend the potential of RFID into completely new areas including consumer, healthcare,

transport and logistics products.

Smaller than a US dime, the io features an on-board RISC processor, making it ideal for small-footprint devices. Combined with its low power consumption and intelligent power management, io is especially suited for small, battery-powered handheld devices.

The io RFID module reads and writes to industry-standard 13.56MHz RFID tags and smart labels. Consuming very little power and optimised for a 2.8V battery operation, io is ISO compliant and future-proofed to allow rapid integration of the forthcoming NFC standard.

For further information, tel: 0118 936 6362.

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