Philips take on collaboration

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Philips is not just one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world, it is one of the oldest dating its formation back to 1891.

That’s a long time to stay at the top in one of the most demanding retail environments around – particularly in terms of supply chain.

It’s not just that the technologies are moving so quickly, it’s the fact that fashion plays a greater and greater role in the market. So it is not good enough to have the latest tech – the product has got to have the right look and feel to appeal to a fickle audience.

And that puts tremendous pressure on the supply chain to provide the agility and flexibility to satisfy consumer demands.

Of course, planning and collaboration play a crucial role in enabling suppliers and retailers to drive sales and improve availability.

It’s a subject close to the heart of Jos Visee, senior director sales & customer collaboration at Philips and he will be talking about it at the Extended Supply Chain conference in Brussels in November.

In particular, he will be looking at how suppliers and retailers can collaborate to drive sales and improve on-shelf availability as well as reducing stock in the supply chain and optimising service, flexibility and responsiveness.

In addition, he will consider the use of sell out and stock in trade information in the sales planning and forecasting processes to plan with retailers, along with overcoming the challenges with customers and value-adding between manufacturers and suppliers.

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