Cost savings and safety come first

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Davis Derby has added two products to its successful TruckLOG range which provide significant benefits in cost savings and safety. They are the Forward Reverse Speed Interlock (FRSI) and Speed Zoning.

The TruckLOG FRSI unit prevents drivers from changing direction by engaging reverse gear when travelling forward and vice-versa. The FRSI unit also prevents drivers from engaging gear if the truck is stationary and the engine revs are too high.

Users of the system claim significant savings attributable to damage reduction to truck transmission systems and reduced tyre wear. A reduction in damage to the infra-structure is also claimed since driving skills are automatically improved by the device.

It is a safety requirement to impose speed limits on forklifts while maintaining productivity. The TruckLOG Speed Zoning system automatically controls the speed of the forklift trucks as they enter or leave a zone.

The system has infra-red beam “curtains”, strategically placed over doorways. As trucks are driven through the curtains, their speed is automatically set to the required limit.

For further information, tel: 0118 989 8700.

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