Desktop printing where space is at a premium

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Paxar UK has launched a new low cost and compact desktop printer which prints labels and tags up to 100mm wide, whether continuously or on demand, at a print speed of 100mm a second. The 9742 is designed to satisfy several applications in the retail, healthcare and logistics sectors and is, says Paxar, an affordable and easy-to-use entry point solution to desktop printing.

It has a desktop footprint of just 200mm by 245mm, which should ensure its appeal where space is at a premium.

Paxar is predicting its popularity for price mark-downs, item marking, returns and shelf-edge labeling in the retail market, patient record and pharmaceutical product identification in the healthcare sector, and box end shipping labelling for industrial and logistics applications. It accommodates a 180m supply role, which is securely housed inside the printer casing, and labels can be printed varying in width from 25mm to 100mm and in length from 25mm to more than 1m.

A number of optional accessories are being offered with the 9742. These currently include a rewind unit, additional memory, an external supply holder, a cutter, dispenser kit, stand-alone keyboard and real time clock.

For further information, tel: 01279 786000.

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