Latest Triple-deck charger improves health & safety

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Chloride Motive Power’s new three-tier charging system offers optimal space use and improved health and safety for warehouses and other electric vehicle fleet users. Other battery manufacturers offer a double-deck system of battery chargers, but CMP, one of the first to effectively offer customers a triple deck system which features the charging unit at ground level – most double-deck systems have the charging units above ground level, restricting accessibility and increasing the risk of maintenance operative injury.

The triple-deck system incorporates and electro-magnetic system for removing charged batteries, which further improves safety and minimises the risk of damage. Photocell levelling prevents damage to rollers and trucks, whilst the incorporation of cables and charger plugs into hollow sections of the posts reduces the risk of accidental collision and damage. Batteries can be charged in just two minutes to maximise productivity.

Further productivity benefits can be obtained by using one of CMP’s battery management systems. A new version of its CMP.Net multi-level network management system allows users of electric vehicles to manage their batteries so they are recharged at the correct time and for the appropriate duration. This ensures optimal use of batteries, thereby extending their efficiency and life – a tangible benefit for modern businesses with 24-hr operation.

Each charger is linked to a central PC that can monitor up to 255 batteries and provide real-time status reports.

For further information, tel: 01293 516611.

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