IT Update

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Foodservice specialist Pioneer Foodservice is investing more than £100,000 on upgrading its Accord computer system. Hardware and software for the upgrade have been supplied by supply chain software specialist Business Computer Projects. The upgrade encompasses a new, more powerful server to allow extra employees to use the computer system as well as Windows Terminal Services software so that modern Accord Windows modules can be implemented. It will eventually link to all Pioneer retail outlets as well as the food service division.

DHL is using Teradata as its standard for Data Warehousing, including new strategic directives such as New Extended Track & Trace (Nextt) that allow all customers to monitor their shipments in real-time. Teradata won the deal over IMB, Oracle and Sybase, and will enable DHL to capture data from more than two million scan events a day which will be used in an active data warehousing environment. The system will facilitate strategic decisions and short-term actions such as tracking express shipments in real-time. Teradata also has available its Dual-Active Solution which allows companies to deploy a second geographically dispersed system as part of the production environment.

Prologic has “significant enhancements” to its CIMS Warehousing and Distribution modules. Developed to further increase efficiency and improve space management, even in a multi-warehouse environment, some of the additional functionality is in use throughout Prologic’s blue chip client base. The additional functionality includes Automated Data Capture for all major warehousing functions; pick, carton and pallet support; warehouse-to-warehouse replenishment; extra picking algorithm, including housekeeping, pick face and bulk productivity; and automated Put-away. Warehouse Management and Logistics is integrated with a central CIMS database.

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