IT Update (3)

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RedPrairie, the supply chain technology solution giant, has joined IBM’s ISV Advantage Initiative, the program designed to provide independent software vendors with technical and marketing support to help meet the specific information technology needs of small and medium (SMB) companies. Specialising in RFID-enabled supply chain execution solutions, RedPrairie offers Dispatcher-WMS and VirtualView. The company says that allowing the two solutions on IBM’s WebSphere Application Server running on Linux will help it expand into the SMB market faster and more effectively than is possible with proprietary platforms.

LXE has extended its range of vehicle mount computers with the development of the MX3X. Engineered to withstand extreme shock and vibration, and sealed against water and dust, the MX3X is a half-screen computer designed to meet the requirements of companies looking to deploy mobile computers more efficiently. Rather than being tied to one vehicle, the unit can be moved from one bracket to another. It can also double up as a handheld computer when it needs to be away from the vehicle. The MX3X can be mounted on any type of industrial vehicle, from a picking trolley or pallet jack to a forklift truck or crane.

Pitney Bowes’ latest version of Arrival, the package tracking and delivery management tool, automates the flow of incoming mail which speeds up delivery times and improves accountability. The system, Arrival 5.40, creates a detailed record using a scanner or Portable Data Collector (PDC) of each incoming letter or package delivered. Creating a database of all internal shipments, mailrooms can prioritise deliveries and reduce delivery time. Also, accountability is improved as the status of any incoming item can be confirmed in terms of its location, date and time of delivery and signature of acceptance.

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