VIB celebrates its 25th anniversary

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This year, VIB has been active for 25 years as the Association for Purchasing and Logistics in Flanders, Belgium. On the 3rd February member companies and some special guests (totalling 300) were invited to celebrate this anniversary at the Belgacom Surfhouse in Brussels.

VIB unites purchasing and logistics professionals in the private and public sectors. Its mission is to promote and professionalise supply chain functions. The association covers the integrated supply chain function, in contrast with some sister organisations in Europe, as it considers both purchasing and logistics functions as interconnected regardless of hierarchy.

To fullfil its mission VIB has defined several goals including offering a platform for networking, providing training and education, giving information on the field and striving for the recognition of the strategic importance of purchasing and logistics

Members-only activities including networking events and in company visits are organised by regional boards in five provinces. Special committees and project groups gather to work on special themes and support training programmes. For the organisation of a large number of open activities – seminars, workshops, main events and training programmes – VIB has a central office with a small team of permanent staff.

Every year, VIB organises long-term training programmes on professional and strategic purchasing, operational and tactical logistics management and purchasing for the public sector. These programmes are all based on international standards from European or international organisations such as IFPSM and ELA. VIB is
member of both organisations.

At the anniversary celebration the 10 original founders of VIB were celebrated, as well as all previous presidents. Guido Lamote, present VIB president, described how the association has evolved into a knowledge centre on purchasing and logistics. He emphasised how important the commitment of a large number of volunteers has been in theassociation’s growth.

After a presentation from the marketing manager of Belgacom Mobile about ‘the future workspace’, the evening became less formal. Management consultant Roel Van De Wiele caused some entertainment with his analysis of ‘how to live and work in a better way with the opposite sex’.

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