Strapping machine offers flexibility

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Mosca Direct has produced its widest ever strapping machine, in a bespoke solution for leading furniture manufacturer Alstons that gives the company the flexibility to strap its full range of products. Alstons Furniture is one of the largest private producers of bedroom furniture in Britain, with products manufactured and flat-packed at Alstons’ facility in Ipswich.

As the furniture is produced to order, the packs that require strapping, vary in size. Alstons therefore needed a cross-strapper with the flexibility to handle swift changeovers both lengthways and widthways.

Mosca recognised that its ROTRC automatic strapper, which features operator-friendly job selection, was ideal for Alstons’ changeover requirements, but soon realised that the application presented an unusual challenge – the width of Alstons furniture ranges from 1.1m to 2.6m and the Mosca ROTRC had a width capacity of 2.4m.

As a result, Mosca produced a bespoke version of the ROTRC, wider than any other Mosca machine, to handle Alstons’ full range. The installation also includes a conveyor to carry the products to the strapper.

The ROTRC strapper can single or double strap at the throughput speeds required by Alstons. It incorporates Mosca’s brushless motors direct drive technology, which has eliminated the use of gearboxes and clutches and reduced the need for pulleys and chains. Minimising the number of moving parts ensures excellent long-term reliability and provides improved performance and increased speed across a wide range of applications.

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