Additional bridging helps storage products

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As a leading provider of extraordinary packaging solutions, Pactiv Jiffy products have become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation, and the Jiffy brand has become a household name. When the decision was made to expand the existing facility, sbh (UK) was appointed the new warehouse extension on the Pactiv Jiffy site at Winsford.

Chris Berry, of sbh (UK) invited Planned Storage Systems (PSS) to develop a storage solution designed to house the large bespoke pallets used by Pactiv Jiffy of 2.7m x 1.3m, which have been adapted for in-house product. David Alexander, warehouse manager, says: “We were looking for a company who were flexible in their design and we desperately needed to maximize the pallet locations to house our stock. Having used off-site storage for so long, we were keen to store as much stock on site as designing additional bridging for storage over the gangways, which enabled us to gain extra pallet locations which has helped us tremendously.”

The packaging manufacture at Winsford needs to be kept at a constant temperature of 5°C in the summer and around 10°C in the winter. Nashville Safety Mesh Shelving was used throughout the ware house allowing both the air to circulate and maintain the correct temperature, and allowing for smoke and heat to rise vertically, quickly triggering the correct sprinkler head should a fire occur. Alexander adds: “The Nashville Safety Mesh Shelving has been a great asset to us in the warehouse and our insurance company was very impressed with the design when they made a recent visit.”

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