Latest generation chargers launched

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Hawker Traction now has available the latest generation of its smart multi-function high-frequency (HF) chargers for industrial truck batteries. The new chargers in the company’s LifePlus and Powertech ranges employ advanced ergonomics and are user-friendly in operation.

They have been designed to interface with Hawker Traction’s latest battery condition monitoring and diagnostic systems, which enable the more cost-effective management of battery fleets. Design rationalising now means that only 18 HF chargers are needed to accommodate every kind of industrial truck battery on the market.

The chargers are 70% smaller and 50% lighter than conventional 50Hz chargers so that they can be wall-mounted to achieve significant space-saving in battery charging rooms. They have been designed to interface with a wealth of battery management data enabling more cost-effective use, and proper rotation of fleet batteries. The data includes detailed analysis of up to 100 cycles, and can be downloaded via a modem while comprehensive battery fleet management can be achieved by networking to an on-site PC and display screen.

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