Picker offers speed, safety and comfort

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Still’s latest low level order picker, the CS-20, features a new multi-functional control element – the Cockpit – which combines all the CS’ control and operating functions immediately before the operator and within fingertip reach.

The Cockpit provides control of the drive, steering, lifting and lowering as standard and indicates the operating hours and battery status. In addition, the Cockpit offers two different driving profiles that can be selected via the PIN-Code entry start switch. The switch gives access control as standard while a special access code for service allows truck diagnosis.

The CS-20, which has a two-tonne capacity, features fully electronic steering with an automatic “Return to Neutral” position. In the straight-ahead position, small, inadvertent movements by the driver are electronically damped to give smooth straight travel. Lateral support rollers ensure high lateral stability when travelling through curves and when empty. Also, the speed automatically lowers when cornering so that the centrifugal forces are reduced.

Travel is only possible while the operator is on the platform, although for walk-alongside operation at reduced speed the machine can be equipped with additional buttons.

The picker is powered by an economic and powerful motor using electronic MOSFET technology. The low-maintenance shunt wound 2Kw motor provides smooth driving and acceleration with a top speed of 9kph fully laden and 12.5kph unladen.

The operator’s space meets the highest safety and comfort requirements, says Still, with the footplate suspension-mounted so that vibrations are dampened. Other features designed to improve productivity are integrated in the operator’s workplace as standard including an A4 writing pad, storage compartments and three locations to hold rolls of stretch-wrap materials.

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