IT Update (2)

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Menlo Worldwide Expedite has unveiled its new Premium Logistics Management (PLM) system which optimises critical transport requirements by mode while reducing costs and adding visibility for same-day air, ground and charter shipments. PLM determines the most cost-effective mode of transport and alternatives based on the number of pieces, origin, destination, shipment weight, ready time and carrier tariffs. Through a link to the FAA global satellite tracking service, the system automatically pinpoints the exact in-transit location of all aircraft and flights at any given time. The system can handle carrier contracts and rate negotiations should the customer require outsourcing. It also secures and communicates proof-of-delivery information to all required parties

JBS Computer Services welcomes the Department of Trade & Industry’s (DTI) announcement that it will provide SMEs with tax breaks on IT spending, saying it is “encouraging for cash-strapped small and medium-sized enterprises”. But it warns that even with the extra money, small businesses in the distribution and logistics industry will need to channel their limited spending power into those technologies that will deliver business benefit and return on investment.

European software house Strategix is supplying its OneOffice supply chain software to the Toad Group so that the automotive distribution and insurance services company can integrate its finance, operations, event management and sales order processing into single streamline software solution. The Toad Group is remodelling its business as a Real-Time Enterprise, replacing existing legacy systems with an integrated solution that enables improved information flows to enhance productivity, efficiency and customer service. It wants to maintain its competitive edge having a system that will improve stock management, audit control, management reporting and the level of transaction accuracy.

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