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Supply chain executive (SCE) solutions provider Catalyst International has expanded its suite of platform independent SCE applications. New products, and those under development, are designed to plug seamlessly into any ERP environment. The expansion and re-tooling of the SCE suite is to meet increasing customer demand for integrated fulfilment solutions. To enable seamless integration with any legacy-based, best-of-breed or ERP infrastructure, Catalyst has adopted Open Application Group standards and J2EE technology. For instance, all of Catalyst’s components integrate effortlessly into SAP’s supply chain infrastructure. The company now offers solutions for Execution Management, Process Management and Performance Management.

The Royal Mint is benefiting from AIMS, BCP’s Internet messaging service for high performance, cost-effective communications and data transfer. Using the latest messaging technologies, such as XML, AIMS harnesses the power of the Internet, together with a special communications infrastructure developed by BCP, to provide a means of transferring information that is faster, cheaper, more reliable and more convenient than traditional methods. The Royal Mint is using AIMS to handle communications with its New York-based sales agent, Asset, and to manage orders handled by an external call centre.

Royal Mail is using Isotrak to develop its Distribution Management System, based on the latter company’s standard transport management application suite. It will include tools for monitoring and measuring Royal Mail’s trunking vehicle performance. Isotrak has already delivered the first phase of the project which involved a detailed analysis of Royal Mail’s needs, the design of an appropriate system and provision of supporting professional services. Royal Mail says the ongoing need to improve service to customers is the reason for its decision to introduce the new Distribution Management System.

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