Faster tracking of assets and people

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Texas Instruments Radio Frequency Identification (TI-RFid) Systems has developed an integrated facilities and asset management solution that uses RFID smart labels which will enable a company to manage inventory more efficiently; track items and assets such as PCs and notebooks; prevent theft; and cost-effectively manage its assets throughout the organisation.

The system is based on Texas Instruments’ 13.56MHz, ISO 15693 standard Tag-it smart labels and S6500 Long Range Reader/Antennas together with Emerging Foundations’ Web-based Logistical Tracking System (LTS) software suite.

When moved within 3ft of a TI S6500 Long Range Reader, which can be mounted at a doorway or entrance, the smart label is automatically identified and logged with its unique identification number and timestamp among other things. Data from the tagged assets is transferred to the LTS software, called Space Manager, which can track and report on assets, personnel, projects and activities.

For further information, tel: 01604 884088.

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