Easy-to-use large character coding

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A high performance, low cost drop on demand inkjet printer that codes directly on to outer case cartons has been produced by coding and marking specialist Imaje. Called Crayon Plus, the printer is aimed at industries that demand reliable and easy-to-use large character coders to print one or two lines of text on to the top or the side of a carton.

Setting up the printer has been made simple with a flat soft-touch keypad and information is displayed on a large user-friendly screen. Instructions on the display guide the operator to make the correct selections, avoiding unnecessary trial and error. A library of nine character sets, 28 languages and 22,000 Unicode characters gives the printer the ability to cope with a large range of messaging demands.

The print-head can be positioned up to 15mm from the packing case without sacrificing the high print quality.

For further information, tel: 01928 599420.

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