Packing them in!

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Kaysersberg Plastics has introduced a new pallet, lid and belt system for the engineering, automotive, appliance, food and pharmaceutical industries and which removes the need for non-reusable packaging.

Called Duro-Pallet IRB, the new pallet and lid system features integral inertia reel belts to improve overall pack stability and eliminate the need for wasteful conventional strapping and packaging films. This, says Kaysersberg, generates “considerable savings”.

The inertia reels are concealed inside the pallet’s block legs while the ergonomic design of the fastening clip location on the lid make the straps as quick and easy to fasten and unfasten as a car seatbelt. When not in use, the belts retract into the pallet block legs.

The Duro-Pallet is available in two sizes – 800mm x 1,200mm or 1,000mm x 1,200mm – to suit European standard ISO tote box requirements. The pallets have a smooth deck and a 20mm outer retaining lip that is claimed to offer outstanding load retention and also accommodates empty, inverted totes for return transport.

Also, the pallet and lid are designed not to retain water which makes them suitable for outside storage.

For further information, tel: 01452 316500.

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