Porsche dealer races ahead with new parts shelving

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The design and installation of a new parts department has been completed at the new Sytner Group Porsche dealership in Towcester. The storage solution comprises Linpac Storage Systems’ Linspace shelving complete with integrated plastic containers.

The shelving has provided the Porsche dealership with a totally modular storage application that fully uses the available space in its motor parts division. With a storage density of £850 per sq m, the layout has been designed to accommodate up to £100,000 worth of stock.

The ability to expand or adjust the shelving in any direction allows easy alteration to accommodate small, large or unusual shaped parts. With such a degree of adaptability, the parts can be stored in an area two thirds of the size required for a less flexible storage system.

Small parts are located within plastic shelf containers, sub-divided to provide up to 500 locations. About 900 medium-sized line parts including mechanical and boxed items are sited on partitioned shelving. Very large parts such as tyres and exhausts are housed in specialist storage to give high density and ease of handling to ensure they are not damaged.

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