Low-priced handheld scanner available

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Microvision has launched Flic, handheld laser barcode scanner costing £100. Flic provides true laser scanner ease-of-use and performance at the price of lower specification wands or CCD scanners, and is ideal for price-sensitive applications such as retailing, parcels tracking, manufacturing work-in-process, mobile work forces, clinical labs and medical dispensing.

The Flic scanner connects easily through RS232 and USB connections to POS terminals, and host computers including PCs, PDAs, Tablet PCs and even a mobile phone. It reads popular linear barcode types including UPC, 39 and 128 used in distribution, logistics, and retail settings, and reads from a distance of 6cm to 18cm and small codes down to 10mm wide.

Three low-cost AAA batteries power the handheld without drawing power from it host computer. This feature combined with a memory, allows it to work in two modes, tethered or batch (unplugged). In batch mode it can work like a batch data collection device to collect up to 500 scans of data until reconnected to its host computer. Users can get up to 20,000 scans from 3 alkaline batteries.

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tel: 00 1425 415 6920.

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