Frigo Campaign for temperature-control work

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Teleroute, the freight and vehicle exchange covering the UK and mainland Europe, has launched a new campaign to address the special needs for temperature-controlled freight forwarders and carriers throughout Europe. The Frigo Campaign aims to put more companies running temperature-controlled vehicles or refrigerated trucks in touch with operators of freight such as foodstuffs, high value goods, plastic and pharmaceuticals that traditionally require a secure and hygienic temperature-controlled environment.

Temperature-controlled loads are considered quality freight because of the nature of the cargo. In recent years, high value goods such as televisions, VCRs and DVDs have increasingly been moved by refrigerated trucks because these vehicles offer a safer transport due to their strong, rigid construction and controlled environment. As more EU road cargo is sub- contracted – fewer forwarders own their own fleet – loads of high value goods are consistently sought after because their special needs command a high transport price. Freight operators and forwarders can now enter the Teleroute freight exchange to post an offer on Teleroute. They can list their loads in a special temperature-controlled category that will appear in the upper portion of their freight description menu, automatically communicating special needs to carriers consulting the  database for this type of cargo and increasing the chances of a quick and accurate match between freight and vehicle.

“For freight managers and carriers alike, the chance of a successful transaction with a quality partner is the single most important benefit of the Teleroute service,” says Fiona Holdsworth, Teleroute UK’s managing director. “Keeping that in mind, we are creating an environment where the search criteria are more targeted, thereby leading to more accurate matching between freight forwarders and carriers. This means more quality Frigo loads will be available in the right place, saving time and money while increasing revenues for carriers and forwarders.” Teleroute is one of several Internet freight exchanges exhibiting at Logistics Link 2004, being held on February 3 and 4 and Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey. For further information contact Richard Milbourn on.

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