New packaging is the real thing!

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The Coca-Cola Company and Arca Systems have teamed up to develop “an innovative” new packaging and handling system for the soft drinks manufacturer’s products. The system is currently being introduced throughout The Coca-Cola Company’s European operations.

The system, based on transit packaging manufacturer Arca’s Combo bulk liquid handling product, has been designed to streamline the delivery process between the drinks company’s syrup production plants and high volume users of soft drinks such as bars, cinemas and sports venues. The soft drink fountain syrup concentrate, which is diluted with water on site and then carbonated, is currently delivered in 20-litre bag in box packs.

The Combo is a large foldable container specifically designed for the bulk storage and transport of liquid concentrates. It carries a flexible liner, which is filled with syrup.

The Coca-Cola version, called Megabox, is a 250-litre capacity, half-Euro pallet container with an 800mm x 600mm footprint. The Megabox can be reused over and over again having been constructed from food-approved materials. The foldable design also means that the Megabox takes up very little space during the return trips.

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