Awards 2011: Innovation in use of technology

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Innovation in use of technology sponsored by ToolsGroup

Winner: Bakkavör

Three companies were shortlisted in this category – two of which involved Bakkavör. The entry from Gist in partnership with Bakkavör centred on the use of routeing technology to optimise the fresh food company’s distribution network.

EMI Music’s presentation concerned the replacement of existing supply chain planning processes and the implementation of new technology, across 15 markets in Europe, in just 11 weeks. The urgency of the project was driven by strategic goals to increase efficiencies and to remain competitive in a declining physical music market. The project linked a pan-European demand and supply planning software implementation with the move to a central DC for the region for all SKUs. Following go-live, the just-in-time alignment of the supply chain has resulted in substantial cost savings, improved service levels and increased process reliability. In particular, the growing importance of promotions on sales and new releases can now be more efficiently managed. The judges recognised the significance of the project in a very difficult market and were impressed.

However, the winning entry came from Bakkavör with its own submission – a development of last year’s presentation. Bakkavör Group is a large chilled food business with 57 operations across ten countries. Recognising a need to take greater control over the supply of fresh food from around the world, the company created a platform to enable communication with suppliers, many of which were small farms. The approach has enabled the company to co-ordinate transport at optimum cost and has greatly improved supply chain efficiency. Last year’s submission suggested that it was early days for the project as only a small proportion of suppliers were linked up to the system. However, the judges were intrigued with what they saw and suggested that Bakkavör came back in 2011. They did and the judges felt confident that Bakkavör deserves the 2011 Award for Innovation in the use of Technology.


» Bakkavör

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» Gist in partnership  with Bakkavör

Supply Chain Standard, December 2011

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